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Swiggy Launches Eatlists Feature: Enhancing Food Sharing

6 July, 20243 min read

Recently Swiggy launches an exciting eatlists feature for its users to gearing up for its Initial Public Offering.

Eatlists features will allow users to share their wishes directly within the Swiggy Application.


This move aims to enhance user engagement and satisfaction by making food discovery more social and personalized.

Introducing Eatlists: A Social Food Sharing Experience

With Eatlists, Swiggy users can curate lists of their favorite dishes and share them with friends and family.

This feature is designed to foster a sense of community among users, allowing them to recommend and discover new dishes based on personal experiences.

Swiggy's statement emphasized that Eatlists aims to make the food ordering process more interactive and enjoyable. By enabling users to share their culinary preferences, Swiggy hopes to tap into the social nature of food.

People often seek recommendations from those they trust, and Eatlists provides a platform for these exchanges.

This feature not only benefits users but also helps restaurants gain visibility for their popular dishes.

Experimenting with New Payment Methods

In addition to Eatlists, Swiggy is also exploring new payment methods to streamline transactions.


The Bengaluru-headquartered company is testing a UPI-plugin, which aims to reduce reliance on third-party payment gateways.

This initiative is part of Swiggy's broader strategy to enhance the user experience by offering more seamless and efficient payment options.

The UPI-plugin expected to simplify the payment process, making it quicker and more convenient for users.

By integrating this feature, Swiggy aims to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly platform, which could potentially attract more users and increase order frequency.

Preparing for a Major IPO

Swiggy's recent innovations are happening in the backdrop of its upcoming IPO.

The company has reportedly filed for an IPO worth INR 10,414.1 Cr ($1.2 Bn). This significant step indicates Swiggy's ambitions to expand its operations and strengthen its market position.

The funds raised through the IPO will likely be used to enhance technology, expand delivery services, and invest in new features like Eatlists and the UPI-plugin.

Swiggy's focus on innovation and user experience is expected to play a crucial role in its growth strategy.

The Impact of Eatlists on User Engagement

The introduction of Eatlists is a strategic move to boost user engagement on the Swiggy app.

By allowing users to share food recommendations, Swiggy is creating a more interactive and personalized experience.

This feature encourages users to explore new dishes and restaurants based on trusted recommendations from their network. Eatlists also provides valuable data for Swiggy, as the company can analyze user preferences and trends.

This information can be used to improve menu recommendations, offer personalized deals, and enhance overall service quality.

The social aspect of Eatlists could also lead to increased app usage and higher customer retention rates.

Enhancing Payment Convenience with UPI-Plugin

Swiggy's experiment with a UPI-plugin is another step towards improving the user experience.

By integrating this payment method, Swiggy aims to offer a faster and more reliable transaction process. The UPI-plugin reduces the need for third-party payment gateways, which can sometimes cause delays and inconvenience.

This initiative reflects Swiggy's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A smoother payment process is likely to encourage more users to choose Swiggy for their food delivery needs, thereby boosting order volumes and revenue.

Author Opinion

In conclusion, Recently Swiggy launches a new Eatlists feature which mark a significant move of the company.

Company Eatlists feature and the UPI-plugin demonstrates the company dedication to enhancing user experience and driving growth.

By focusing on social interaction and payment convenience, Swiggy is positioning itself as a leader in the food delivery market.

The IPO will provide Swiggy with the necessary resources to continue its innovation journey, expand its services, and reach new heights.

With these strategic initiatives, Swiggy well-equipped to capture a larger market share and deliver exceptional value to its users and investors.

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