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Nykaa Projects 22-23% Revenue Growth in Q1 FY25 an Outlook

Recently Nykaa comes in highlights when it projects a robust revenue growth of 22-23% for the first quarter of FY25. This anticipated growth mirrors the previous year’s performance and showcases the company’s steady expansion in the beauty sector. Beauty Vertical’s Consistent Performance The beauty vertical of Nykaa is expected to continue its strong performance, contributing […]

Nykaa Expands to Qatar with Nysaa Cosmetics: 70 GCC Stores

Nykaa is making significant strides by expands itself to Qatar which is its international footprint. The company’s recent move to establish a subsidiary in Qatar underlines its ambitions to capture a substantial share of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. This article delves into Nykaa’s strategic expansion, its new subsidiary, and the future plans for […]

Nykaa Growth Plans: Brokerages Bullish, Price Target Raised

Nykaa, a leading beauty and wellness retailer, has received positive feedback from major brokerages regarding Nykaa growth plans. The two big brands of India like ICICI Securities and Kotak Institutional Equities have invested in Nykaa which reflect its strength in the market. ICICI Securities Upgrades Nykaa’s Rating ICICI Securities has recently upgraded Nykaa’s stock rating […]

Nykaa Expands ESOP Pool with 4.73 Lakh Stock Options

Recently to improve employees position in company Nykaa expands ESOP pool with 4.73 lakh stock options. This decision help company to increase employees benefits, so that they can work with more efficiency. Nykaa, the renowned new-age beauty and fashion retailer, has taken a significant step and Nykaa expands ESOP pool. With the recent allotment of […]

Nykaa Express Delivery: Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Nykaa is a one of largest beauty and fashion retail sector E-Commerce company in India. It’s stepping up its efforts to enhance Nykaa express delivery services, especially in bustling metropolitan cities. The founder and CEO Falguni Nayar’s strategic vision driving Nykaa’s expansion into express delivery services in key metro areas. Nykaa’s Delivery Strategy Falguni Nayar  […]

Nykaa Growth Strategy: BPC Business to Expand by FY28

Nykaa is going to improve Nykaa growth strategy for expanding their BPC business till the financial year of 2028. Company has projected a significant growth trajectory for its BPC business.  The company expects to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the mid to late 20% range until the financial year 2028 (FY28). This […]

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