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Nykaa Expands ESOP Pool with 4.73 Lakh Stock Options

16 June, 20242 min read

Recently to improve employees position in company Nykaa expands ESOP pool with 4.73 lakh stock options.

This decision help company to increase employees benefits, so that they can work with more efficiency. Nykaa, the renowned new-age beauty and fashion retailer, has taken a significant step and Nykaa expands ESOP pool.


With the recent allotment of over 4.73 lakh stock options, Nykaa aims to strengthen its commitment to employee welfare and retention.

Financial Impact and Market Response

The value of the newly allotted shares surpasses INR 9.72 crore, as per the stock's opening price on Friday, June 14th.

This big decision show the confidence of the company toward the dedication and rewarding their company employees. So that company employees can also become contributors in company success.

Continuous Growth and Innovation

This marks the second increment in the ESOP pool size under the leadership of Falguni Nayar, the visionary founder of Nykaa.

The company's proactive approach to incentivizing employees reflects its ethos of fostering a culture of innovation, ownership, and collaboration.

Nykaa's decision to expand its ESOP pool aligns with the emerging trend among new-age tech companies. This decision help company a lot to reach next level of growth.

In the wake of mass layoffs at prominent internet firms, job seekers have become increasingly cautious about joining startups.


By leveraging ESOPs, Nykaa aims to strengthen its employee brand and attract top talent in the competitive market landscape.

Employees Satisfaction

Due to Nykaa Expands ESOP Pool the employees of Nikaa get a benefit from the company which improve their satisfaction.

After increasing the satisfaction of employees they start working with more efficiency which ultimately leads to the company productivity.

Empowering Employees for Future Success

In conclusion, Nykaa's strategic move to Nykaa expands ESOP pool demonstrates its unwavering commitment to empowering employees and fostering long-term growth.

By providing employees with a stake in the company's success, Nykaa not only enhances retention but also cultivates a sense of ownership and loyalty among its workforce.

As Nykaa continues to innovate and expand its presence in the beauty and fashion industry, its investment in employee welfare will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of its success.

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