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shcilestamp e-Stamping: Verify e-stamp Certificate online
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E-stamping (SHCIL) is an easy and convenient way of paying stamp duty to the government through the computer-based application and secured transaction method.

the government of India came up with a new method of stamping called e-stamp paper to fight against fake stamp paper.

initially Started with paper a major cities Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Rajkot of Gujarat state Bangalore City of Karnataka, and Delhi to provide providing e-stamp paper.

Earlier you have to buy stamp paper 2-4 days before you want to use it from a local stamp vendor. Now as per the new method, you can purchase e-stamp paper on the spot from the registrar’s office whenever required.

Verification of E-Stamp Certificate Details online

if you have an e-stamp paper and want to check the authenticity of the e-stamp certificate online then follow these steps.

Option 1  Verify Certificate by input of key certificate information

Steps to verify e-stamp certificate details online through the Shcilestamp.Com portal by providing details of the e-stamp certificate.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: click on the “Verify e-stamp Certificate” link

Verify e-stamp Certificate shcilestamp

Step 3: fill E-stamping verification form

or Directly Click this link to open verification and fill out the form:

Fill details in e-stamp Certificate shcilestamp form

Step 3(a): Select state from the drop-down menu

Check if your state allows e-stamping

E-stamping Facility available in the states:


Step 3(b): Write your e-stamp Certificate no. or your e-stamp Unique identification number

Step 3(c): Select the appropriate Stamp Duty type from the drop-down menu

Types of E-Stamp Duty Verification Available:

  • Administration Bond
  • Deed
  • Affidavit
  • Alteration of AOA and MOA
  • Trust
  • Award
  • Bond
  • Certificate of Sale
  • Amalgamation / Reconstruction of Company
  • Copy or Extract
  • Lease
  • Partnership
  • Power of Attorney
  • Marriage Registration
  • Article of Association of Company
  • Letter of Guarantee, License
  • Clearance List or Agreement of  Construction / Development / Sale / Transfer (Imm. Property), Media Advertisement, Purchase or Sale of Bullion/Cotton/Govt. Sec./Share/Debenture/Bill of Exchange/Oil Seeds and other agreement
  • Agreement to Sale
  • Appointment in Execution of Power – Movable / Immovable or Trustees
  • Appraisement or Valuation

Step 3(c): Write the Certificate issued date and session ID shown in the Image

Step 4: Click on the Verify button and get details of E-stamping as follows

Option 2  Verify Certificate by Bar Code Scanner

verify e-stamp Certificate using shcilestamp barcode method

if you have a barcode scanner and want to verify the e-stamp certificate in bulk then this is a fast and easy way to verify. Verifying an e-stamp certificate using a barcode scanner

Steps to Verifying an e-stamp certificate using a barcode scanner:

Step 1: Scan the Barcode on the e-stamp certificate using a barcode scanner, copy such barcode number

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: click on the “Verify e-stamp Certificate” link

Step 4: Pest barcode number

Step 5: write the session ID shown in the image and click to verify

What Details are available to Verify?

The following Details can be available on the portal for verification of the e-stamp.

  • Certificate No.
  • Certificate Issued Date
  • Account Reference
  • Unique Doc. Reference
  • Purchase by (name of buyer)
  • Description of Document
  • Property Description
  • Consideration price
  • First party
  • Second Party
  • Stamp Duty Paid By (name of party who paid stamp duty)
  • Stamp duty amount

Example Screenshot of E-stamp verification online

Example Screenshot of E-stamp verification

How does SHCIL e-Stamping Verification work?

Now, you have to pay e-stamp fees to a representative of stock holding, who gives you a Unique system-generated number called UIN (Unique Identification Number) which is mentioned on the e-stamp Certificate by using the SHCIL E-stamping system. also, one can register their documents by using these e-Stamp certificates and UIN (Unique Identification Number).

you can check the authenticity of the Certificate through using this Unique Identification Number or E-stamp Certificate.

using this Certificate number and unique stamp code (UIN) you can also verify the Status and details, the price of stamp paper, and Details of the Contracting Parties.

Shcilestamp.Com Portal

Shcilestamp.Com Portal is maintained by SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India) to provide various e-stamp-related services online to its clients.

the following services are available st portal.

  • Verification of E-stamping
  • Online E-registration fees payment system
  • payment of stamp duty
  • payment of e-court fees

SHCIL – Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd.

SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India) is the Central Record Keeping Agency -CRA  Appointed by the Central Government under the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs. SHICL is Responsible for User Registration, Imprest Balance Administration, and operations and maintenance of the overall E-stamping Application.

SHCIL Will appoint Authorised Collection Centers (ACC) to issue E-stamp Certificates to clients from their counters.

SHCIL developed a Data Center for its operations, where all transactions and information are recorded in one place. it maintains a client-server interface www.Shcilestamp.Com


shcilestamp E-Stamping

E-stamping is the new method of stamping, in which the prevailing system of physical stamp paper/ franking is being replaced by computer-based applications in the secured electronic way of stamping documents.

earlier government came up with franking to fight against fraudulent stamps, but due to the limitations of banking government came up with the e-stamping system to remove this limitation of franking and physical stamping system.

some features of the e-stamp paper of E-stamping system are as follows

  • e-stamp paper can be valid for up to 6 months
  • if the contract is canceled before registration, then e-stamp paper can be canceled immediately
  • one can download E-stamp paper anywhere anytime
  • the great advantage of e-stamp paper is that cost of printing and selling can be reduced from 6%-15% to 0.6%-0.15%.
  • verification of e-stamp paper is possible, now it is possible to check whether the e-stamp paper is genuine or fake through the SHCIL portal www.Shcilestamp.Com online.

How to obtain an e-Stamp Certificate?

to get an e-stamp certificate one has to visit the nearest Authorised Collection Center (ACC) appointed by SHCIL and fill out the application form. such E-stamp certificate generated immediately after the realization of funds.

Have any queries or questions regarding the verification of the e-stamp certificate? Comment…

e stamp online e-Stamping form shcilestamp verify E-stamp

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