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AnyROR: Any ROR Gujarat Land records |
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Any ROR Anywhere means Any Record of Rights Anywhere. AnyROR is Gujarat online Land Record software for providing services like 8A, 7 12 land records (VF 6, VF 7, VF 8A online). such land record can be accessed (view) from the Gujarat Government online website and can be viewed online land record Map from the mobile application called Any ROR app.

Why Needs of Any ROR?

Land Records are required for the following reasons.

  • To Purchase, inheritance Sell Land, etc
  • Get Crop Loans to raise farm credit or Bank loans, Kharai, Varsai, hypothecation of land, getting electricity connection, subsidies, Change Ownership, Transfer of ownership, etc.
  • Govt. need Land Records for said above purpose to verify and create, update and provide information and for analytics purpose
  • To establish land title during the sale/ purchase of land and registration of property.
  • For land division among family members, Legal and Personal Purpose

Information Technology is The New Era, where technology is made easy day by day and digitalizes all information everywhere. hence government needs such a system that should be easy to access, Maintain update, and be accessible from anywhere by using any device whether mobile or computer. The Solution is only to digitalize all land records in one central control and maintain them over there so any people can easily read the land record online using Any ROR portal.

AnyROR System Can Help:

  • Farmers can easily get a copy of Land Records (8A and 7 12 Utara)  using the Any ROR @ Anywhere portal.
  • To easy for the citizen to change ownership, Transfer of Right, View Rights, Get Subsidies, Buy and Sell land, etc.
  • Creation and Modification of Land Records can be easy for Talati and government officers from E-Dhara Kendra
  • As one Central Server or Database maintains All records it also easy to Maintain and Update information Portal

An AnyROR @ anywhere Portal provides a Land Record (Record of Rights). or is The Official website of the Gujarat Govt. to access Land Records online from anywhere, anytime using any device having an internet connection and Front and Interface such as a Mobile, PC tablet, etc.

Any ROR Gujarat Lans records AnyROR-Gujarat-gov-in

Any RoR @ Anywhere Land Records Online of Gujarat

Any ROR @ Anywhere land record system is Designed and Developed By the National Informatics Centre, Gujarat (NIC) in Association with the Revenue Department of Gujarat.

What is Any ROR or AnyROR?

Anywhere Land Records Online of Gujarat

The full form of Any ROR or anyROR is Any Record of Rights Anywhere. Any ROR is the online land record system governed by the Revenue dept. of Gujarat Government.

Hence to check or get a copy of the Record of Rights i.e. VF 7, VF 8A, and VF 6 (8A and 7 12 Utara Nakal) online using Gujarat govt. website (AnyROR Gujarat gov in). by selecting Location and Survey No. (Index number) or Accooun No. i. e Khata No., no need to travel to E-Dhara Kendra / e-gram center or Taluka office.

ROR@Village is now available online website for the public.  ROR @ Village Now become ROR @ Anywhere, You can get a VF 7 preview over the internet by using a Web Browser. For This open -> Select Your District -> Taluka -> Village -> Select Survey Number -> Write captch code appearing in the image.

What is a Record of Rights (ROR)

Record of Rights is the most important statement in land revenue records because it is the main record that shows how rights on land are derived for occupant or landholders and thereafter record the transactions made in records of rights from time to time.

Record of rights has been in the form of a diary, which contains the following details of all rights given under

  • formerly registered or unregistered documents,
  • by heirship, by verbally agreeing to or otherwise acquired as well as those of land-owner occupier,
  • mortgagee, farmers, tenants, or private rights of those who are authorized to collect tenancy or revenue of the land as well community rights and rights of easement and all Government rights on the land.

Then the said rights are entered into an index of land as per the serial number of the survey number of each village and separate entries are made as per possession of the sub-part (peta-hissa) of each survey number or Khata Number.

Land Record Forms Available in Any ROR

Types of Land Records Form on Gujarat Any ROR
Form No. Title Distciption
VF 7  Survey Number Details (7 12 Utara) Village Form 7 (VF 7) also called as 7/12 or satbara utara. Following information show in form of Survey Number (Khasra) details of your land.Land Details , Ownership Details of specific land , Boja and Other Rights Details
VF 8A Khata Details This option provides the following Khata details of your land.All Land Details of specific Khata Number and Owner Details
VF 6 Entry details  Village Form 6 is a register maintained by Talati (Village Accountant) to incorporate day-to-day changes in land records. Use this option to check entry details for any changes.
135 D  Notice to Mutation When you apply for Mutation Talati prepares Notice 135D (Notice to Mutation). This notice is served to khatedars concerned relevant parties and any other interested parties for any objections.
New Survey No New Survey No from Old Promulgated Village For Village whose promulgation is completed

How To Check Land Records Online on AnyROR Gujarat Website?

How To Check Land Records Online on AnyROR Gujarat Website
Following are the steps to get the Gujarat land records online on the AnyROR portal.

  1. Open AnyROR Gujarat website ( using Web Browser like Chrome, UC browser, Mozilla, etc
  2. Click on the button “View Land Record (જમીનનો રેકર્ડ જોવા માટે)” to open Records of Right (ROR).
  3. Select the option of forms of land record you want to see i.e. VF 7, VF 8A, VF 6, or 135 D notice as details said Above.
  4. Now select the location of the land records you want to see:
    • Select District (જીલ્લો) from Dropdown menu: Ahmedabad, Amreli, Anand, Aravalli, Banaskantha, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Botad, Chhota Udaipur, Dahod, Dang, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gandhinagar, Gir Somnath, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kutch, Kheda, Mahisagar, Mehsana, Morbi, Narmada, Navsari, Panchmahal, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot.
    • same select Taluka (તાલુકો) and Village (ગામ) as applicable
    • Enter Khata Number, Survey No. or Entry No. which you want to get a record
  5. Enter the Captcha code that appears in the Image and Click on the button “Get Detail” to get Land record details.

How to Certified Any ROR Copy of Gujarat Land Records (7/12 Utara)

For certification of AnyROR copy of Gujarat Land Records i.e. Record of Rights (RoR) 7 12 Utara, 8A Entry form etc. follow the following points.

  1. Visit E-Dhara Kendra at the Local Taluka Mamlatdar Office with Survey No (s), Khata No(s), Farm Name(s), or Khatedar Name with you while requesting RoR print.
  2. Request Record of Rights (ROR) Print along with Fees As applicable.
  3. e-Dhara Kendra Mamlatdar or any nominated personnel signs and stamps requested computerized RoR
  4. Received Certified copy of Computerized RoR.

Any RoR Anywhere Gujmap Android App

Any RoR Anywhere Gujmap Android App
Any RoR Anywhere Gujmap Android App
VG Apps Solution
Requires Android:
2.2 and up

Detail of Application:

Record of – Any Ror, Anyror, 7 12 record, Land record, sat bar, 7 12 8a, Land, Gujarat land, Gujarat Jamin record, zamin,  agriculture land,  Non-agriculture land, NA land, Industrial Land, GIDC, Commercial Land, Allocation of land, Name of party

What is E-Dhara?

E-Dhara Project is governed by the Revenue Department of the Government of Gujarat.

e-Dhara is a Land Records Management System. This system (eDhara) provides prompt issuance of computerized any RoR across-the-counter online updates of land records.

A complete eDhara system consisting of the Issuance of computerized any RoR from the dedicated counter in the Taluka office Receiving mutation application and processing it in online mode was envisaged to be in place immediately.

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Have Any Inf. and Question? Ask in Comment.

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    1. Dated 7/4/2017 ni entry haji km nathi padvama avi, who is responsible for this delay

      1. In past many type of wrong entry has been made by revenue authority, who is responsible

  1. My application dt. 7/4/2017 is pending Last 13 days no any action has been taken by revenue authority, why?

  2. I forget my survey no.& khata no.How can I find details of my land .I know only name of khatedar
    Plz reply​
    as soon as possible.

    1. as you said you don’t have Khata number and survey number, so you cannot see detail online.
      if you know the location of the land, then you have to visit near Gram panchayat and ask them for map of all land, then find your land….all survey number are written on that map.

      {Basic: see, khata no. of person cannot change…….if a person name associate with any land then his khata number is one for all account, it not change …. you can find khata number online through land where associated with such khata number.
      survey no—> number of specific land
      khata number–> associate with a person}

      please ask again if i didnot clarify your doubt

  3. Dear friend ,

    Is there any information available of land on basis of sarvai number of gaikwad government.

  4. what is the requirement of registering a development agreement between land owner and developer?


    1. i did not fully understand your concern. kindly be more specific
      if you want to know your land value only for stamp duty (i.e Jantri price) purpose than visit nearest mamlatdar office or taluka panchayat.

      but if your agriculture land is compulsory acquired by the government under Sardar Sarovar project and you need to value of your land then you need to get professional land valuer.[generally valuer appoint by acquiring agency (here it is Sardar Sarovar Nigam Ltd) but you should appoint your own valuer]

  6. I had purchased a flat in 2010 at Gota, Ahmedabad. I was not aware that I have to apply for form 7-12. when I required loan from the nationalized bank recently, they asked me to submit all the property documents with latest form 7-12. I approached to collectorate branch only to find my name still not updated. I am paying the property tax which comes under my name, electricity bill, registry,maintenance etc., yet I have no name in form 7-12. I applied for it and in 4 days I received a number as my survey number. Again I found it mentions that my builder has sold the flat to me but name was not updated. Its now over two months and I see the status in Gujarati as- Copy marked to a number of people if they have any objection to my purchase. It seems the builder has duped me and have sold a property which was under dispute. Please guide what to do in this matter? What reply should I give to my bank for availing the loan.

    1. i think if you have all document and proof than you can change this to visiting mamaltdar office/registrar office.
      if you have property card in your name of that house?
      if there is problem than you need to appoint lawyer who can handle such issue