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Shop and Establishment Registration Process | Shop license
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Shop and Establishment Registration process: Every shop and establishment is required to get registered under the Shops and Establishments Actenacted by every state in India.  Here follow the steps to get a shop and establishment license. it is also called a gumasta license or Shop and Establishment License.

Shop and establishment registration process

General Information Required For Shop (gumasta) License

  • Name of Shop Ex.: Gohil Stationary Mart etc.
  • Name of Employer/owner of Shop Ex.: Mr. Ashok Gohil etc.
  • Type of Business Ex. Stationary, Tea & Coffee Shop, Pan, etc.
  • Address of Shop: Address where the shop is located for communication.
  • Address of Employer/Owner of Shop: residential Address for communication.
  • Municipal Serve Number (if not available then Municipal house no. may written)
  • other information required as per the Shopex Act or Shop and Establishment Act.

Document Required for shop and establishment registration

The following Document is required for registering the shop and establishment or gumasta license.

Proof of Employer/ owner of Shop and establishment

Proof of Employer for Shop license Registration

  • Identity Proof: Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, driver’s License, or any valid proof of Identity of owner/ employer of the shop and establishment
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Voter ID, or any Valid proof of Address if owner or employer of shop and establishment.

Proof of ownership of property

Proof of ownership of property of shop licence Document

  • Ownership proof of Shop and establishment is required to get a registration license
  • Original and Copy required before applying for registration
  • A valid proof may be an electricity Bill, Property Tax, Municipal Tax, Rent  agreement in the case of a different owner, or any other document that shows valid ownership

Application Form

Application Form of Shop and Establishment Registration process

  • An Application form As per the relevant state Act, might be available from the relevant municipality of the City. Such for may also be available from the general stationery store.
  •  For Example: As per The Bombay Shop & Establishment Act. 1948 – also Applicable to Gujarat this is also called the Shopex License.
  • FORM A ( Application under Section 7(1) ,See Rule 5 )
  • FORM B (Application under Section 7(2-A), See Rule 5)

Other Document Required

Other Document Required for Shop license registration

  • Two recent passport-size photographs of the Employer/owner of the shop and establishment
  • Stamp of Shop and establishment
  • Photos of shop and establishment (optional but recommended)

Steps for shop and establishment registration

The following steps need to be followed for registration of the shop and establishment/ gumasta license:
Steps for shop and establishment registration Procedure

  1. Collected All Information and Documents as shown Above
  2. Fill Up All the Information in the Application Form As per the required Act
  3. take the signature of the Employer/ owner asked, attach photo if required attach
  4. Attached Document which is required as says above
  5. Submit To Shop License Dept. of Municipal Corporation of Relented City
  6. Provide a Shop license after verifying the document and the Officer May visit the Place where the shop and establishment are located if required

Recommended Download: Form A of Ahmedabad Municipal corp. AMC (only for reference actual may defer)

Online Application for Shop and Establishment Registration State Link:


The Shop and Establishment Act

The Shop and Establishment Act is also called gumasta Dhara in the regional language.

Objectives of Act

  • provide statutory obligations and rights to employees and employers in the unorganized sector of employment, i.e., shops and establishments.
  • regulate the conditions of work and employment in shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, eating houses, theaters, and other places of public entertainment.

Summary and Scope of The Shop and Establishment Act.

The Shop and establishment Act

  • Employers must send a statement in the prescribed form along with a prescribed fee to the Inspector of the local area, within 30 days of the commencement of the establishment.
  • State legislation; each state has framed its own rules for the Act.
  • The statement contains, i) the name of the employer or manager if any; ii) the postal address of the establishment; iii) category of the establishment; iv) any other particulars as may be prescribed.
  •  The establishment may then be registered if the Inspector is satisfied with the correctness of the statement and the Certificate of Registration is issued.
  •  Certificate of Registration is prominently displayed at the premises of the establishment.
  • Any change in the statement submitted to the Inspector must be notified in the prescribed form within the prescribed time limit.
  • The closing of the establishment must also be notified to the Inspector within the prescribed time limit.

Download: The Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948

Have any Questions relating to the registration of the Shop and Establishment? Ask in the comment . . .

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