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Two Brothers Organic Farms Raises INR 58.25 Cr in Funding

27 June, 20242 min read

Two Brothers Organic Farms has raises INR 58.25 crore in funding from Rainmatter Capital and other investors.

This funding round also saw participation from Raju Chekuri, the founder of data security firm NetEnrich.


The fresh capital will be instrumental in driving the startup’s business growth both in India and overseas.

Funding and Investors

The latest funding round for Two Brothers Organic Farms highlights the growing interest in the agritech space.

Rainmatter Capital, known for its strategic investments in innovative startups, led this funding round.

Raju Chekuri, an existing backer and the founder of NetEnrich, also participated, reinforcing his belief in the potential of this agritech venture.

Business Growth and Expansion Plans

With the new funds, Two Brothers Organic Farms aims to expand its operations significantly.

The startup plans to deploy the proceeds to support its business growth across multiple fronts. This includes exploring demand-side opportunities and expanding supply-side operations.

The focus will be on scaling up their operations to meet the increasing demand for organic products in both domestic and international markets.


Demand-Side Opportunities

One of the key areas of focus for Two Brothers Organic Farms is to explore and capitalize on demand-side opportunities.

This involves understanding and tapping into the growing market for organic produce.

The company plans to enhance its marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, emphasizing the benefits of organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

Supply-Side Operations

On the supply side, the startup aims to strengthen its operations to ensure a steady and reliable supply of organic products.

This includes investing in better farming practices, improving supply chain logistics, and expanding their network of organic farmers.

By doing so, Two Brothers Organic Farms aims to maintain the quality and consistency of its products while meeting the increasing market demand.

Growing Traction in Agritech Space

The funding round for Two Brothers Organic Farms comes at a time when India’s agritech sector is gaining significant traction from investors.

The sector has seen a surge in interest due to the increasing awareness and demand for organic and sustainable agricultural practices.

Investors are recognizing the potential of agritech startups to revolutionize the agriculture industry and contribute to sustainable development.

News Summary

In short, Two Brothers Organic Farms raises INR 58.25 Cr The which is a testament to the growing confidence in the agritech sector.

With the fresh capital, the startup is well-positioned to expand its operations and tap into new markets.

As the demand for organic products continues to rise, Two Brothers Organic Farms is set to play a pivotal role.

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