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Ashutosh Gupta Joins Avataar Venture: LinkedIn India Head Move

23 June, 20242 min read

Recently Ashutosh Gupta joins Avataar Venture. He was also served his services as a former head in LinkedIn India.

This shift marks a new chapter in Gupta's illustrious career, as he brings his extensive experience in SaaS and B2B technology to the growth-stage VC firm.


Ashutosh Gupta's Career at LinkedIn

Gupta's journey with LinkedIn began in 2013. Over his ten-year tenure, he made substantial contributions to the company.

His leadership and strategic vision were instrumental in LinkedIn's growth in India. With working for LinkedIn India, Ashutosh Gupta served half of his time as a country manager for India.

This role allowed him to spearhead numerous initiatives that enhanced LinkedIn's presence and user engagement in the country.

Transition to Avataar Venture Partners

In May, Gupta made the decision to join Avataar Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on SaaS and B2B technology.

This move followed a brief career break, which he used to reflect and plan his next steps.

His new role at Avataar Venture Partners is expected to leverage his deep understanding of technology and business growth.

Prior Experience at Google

Before his tenure at LinkedIn, Gupta had a notable stint at Google. For two years, he served as the head of industry and technology services.


This role at Google equipped him with valuable insights and experience that he later brought to LinkedIn.

His time at Google was marked by significant achievements, particularly in the areas of industry and technology services.

Impact and Expectations at Avataar Venture Partners

Gupta's decision to join Avataar Venture Partners is seen as a strategic move for both parties. His expertise in managing large-scale operations and driving growth is expected to benefit the venture capital firm significantly. Avataar Venture Partners focuses on SaaS and B2B technology, areas where Gupta has considerable experience and knowledge.

Gupta's Vision for the Future

In his new role, Gupta aims to contribute to the growth and success of emerging technology companies. His vision aligns with Avataar Venture Partners' mission to support and scale high-potential SaaS and B2B technology companies.

Gupta's leadership is expected to bring innovative strategies and insights that will help these companies achieve their growth objectives.

News Summary

In short, The decision of Ashutosh Gupta joins Avataar Venture marks an exciting new phase in his career.

His extensive experience and strategic acumen are expected to bring significant value to the venture capital firm.

As Gupta embarks on this new journey, the tech industry will be keenly watching his contributions and the impact he will make at Avataar Venture Partners.

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