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BlackBuck FY24 Financial Growth and IPO Plans Unveiled

BlackBuck, the logistics unicorn, has shown a remarkable financial growth in FY24. With an upcoming IPO, the company’s latest financials reveal a significant reduction in net loss and a substantial increase in total revenue. This article delves into the key financial highlights and the impending IPO details. Financial Performance in FY24 Reduction in Net Loss […]

Mayank Bidawatka Teases New Consumer Tech Venture Post-Koo

Recently Mayank Bidawatka, a co-founder of Koo teases at launching a new consumer tech venture. This development comes on the heels of Koo’s shutdown, following unsuccessful acquisition talks. Bidawatka, undeterred by this setback, has revealed that he is nurturing an idea that has been close to his heart for many years. Although he has not […]

Scandron Agri-Drone Receives DGCA Certification For Expansion

Scandron recently Agri-Drone receives DGCA certification and achieved a significant milestone. This certification marks a pivotal moment for Scandron, enabling the company to expand its market reach, create new revenue streams, and set the stage for its foray into the drone manufacturing space. Key Features of Scandron’s Agri-Focused Drone Scandron’s agri-focused drone is designed with […]

Smartworks Transforms Into A Public Company by Offering Its IPO

Smartworks made a significant move towards transforms into a public company. By changing its name to Smartworks Coworking Spaces Ltd from Smartworks Coworking Spaces Private Ltd, the company aims to access both equity and debt capital markets for expansion. This article delves into the reasons behind this strategic decision and its potential impact on Smartworks’ […]

Tracxn Allocates 3.6 Lakh ESOP Shares: Insights and Impact

Recently Tracxn Technologies announced to allocates 3.6 lakh shares under its ESOP. This move is significant for the company and its employees, as it represents a substantial addition to their compensation packages. Value of Shares. The prices of these shares was INR 3.5 Cr at the time of stock last closed. This valuation reflects the […]

Lobb Secured $2.9M in Pre-Series A Funding: Disruptive Growth

Recently Bengaluru-based Lobb has secured $2.9m in an extended Pre-Series A funding round. This investment comes from a diverse group of investors, underscoring the growing confidence in the platform’s potential. Lobb is swiftly becoming a pivotal player in the industry, collaborating with over 1,200 logistics companies and more than 5,000 fleet owners. A Growing Force […]