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ixigo FY24 Profit Jumps Over 200%, Train Bookings Lead Revenue

5 July, 20243 min read

In the FY24, ixigo experienced a remarkable financial performance, with profit surging over 200% to INR 73.1 Cr.

This impressive growth highlights the company's strategic successes and the growing popularity of its services.


Operating Revenue Growth

In FY24 there was a hike seen in the revenue of ixigo, it increased around 31% from INR 501.2 Cr (in FY23) to INR 655.9Cr.

This surge in revenue reflects the company's effective business strategies and expanding customer base.

Train Ticketing: The Main Revenue Driver

The train ticketing segment remained ixigo's largest revenue contributor in FY24.

Revenue from this segment surged 24% year-on-year (YoY) to INR 370.1 Cr. This consistent growth underscores the segment's critical role in ixigo's business model.

Q4 FY24 Performance

ixigo net profit for the fourth quarter in FY24 is around INR 7.4 CR with a revenue of INR 164.8 Cr.

This quarterly performance showcases the company's ability to maintain profitability while continuing to grow its revenue base.

Strategic Focus on Train Ticketing

ixigo's strategic focus on train ticketing has proven to be a key driver of its financial success.


The significant YoY growth in this segment is indicative of increasing demand for train travel bookings through ixigo’s platform.

The company's user-friendly interface and extensive network of train routes have made it a preferred choice for travelers.

Diversification and Innovation

While train ticketing remains the core of ixigo's revenue, the company has also diversified its offerings.

This includes bus and flight bookings, hotel reservations, and travel-related content.

Diversification in the portfolio of ixigo helped it to increase its audience to a large scale on a single revenue stream.

Customer-Centric Approach

ixigo’s customer-centric approach has been pivotal to its growth.

By continually enhancing user experience and providing value-added services, the company has built a loyal customer base.

Features like real-time train status, PNR predictions, and fare alerts have significantly improved user engagement.

Competitive Landscape

The travel booking industry in India is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share.

Even with this ixigo successfully made a significant place itself in the industry.

Its focus on technology and customer satisfaction has been key differentiators.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, ixigo aims to continue its growth trajectory by further enhancing its service offerings and expanding its market reach.

The company plans to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide more personalized travel solutions.

Additionally, efforts to expand into international markets are also on the horizon.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

ixigo also focused toward the sustainability and corporate responsibility, which can play a important role in business success.

The company has undertaken various initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to social causes.

These changes and decisions of ixigo are liked by the today environmentally conscious consumers.

Final Thoughts

In short, ixigo financial performance in FY24 showcases its robust business model with a jump in profit about 200%.

With profits soaring over 200% and significant revenue growth, the company is well-positioned for future success.

By continuing to focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability, ixigo is set to remain a leading player in the travel booking industry.

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