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Zomato Ends Xtreme and Relaunches Legends Intercity Delivery

5 July, 20243 min read

Zomato ends its ‘Xtreme’ delivery service and relaunching the ‘Legends’ intercity food delivery.

This strategic move aims to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their operations.


End of the ‘Xtreme’ Delivery Service

The ‘Xtreme’ app, which was launched in October last year, has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Users attempting to access the app are now greeted with a message stating that their area is not serviceable.

This marks the end of a brief yet ambitious experiment by Zomato to extend its reach across nearly all of the 750-800 cities where it operates.

The Challenges of ‘Xtreme’

When Zomato introduced the ‘Xtreme’ service, the goal was to offer faster and broader delivery options.

However, the service faced numerous challenges. Operational logistics became increasingly complex as the service expanded, and maintaining consistent quality proved difficult.

These challenges ultimately led to the decision to discontinue ‘Xtreme’.

The Return of ‘Legends’

In place of ‘Xtreme’, Zomato has brought back its ‘Legends’ service.


This relaunch focuses on delivering food directly from restaurants rather than pre-stocked items. By reverting to this model, Zomato aims to ensure that customers receive fresher, higher-quality meals.

Direct Delivery from Restaurants

Under the ‘Legends’ service, Zomato emphasizes direct delivery from restaurants.

This approach helps maintain the authenticity and quality of the food, as meals are prepared and dispatched directly from the kitchen.

This method contrasts with the pre-stocked items model, which often led to compromised quality and customer dissatisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

The decision to halt ‘Xtreme’ and relaunch ‘Legends’ reflects Zomato’s commitment to a customer-centric approach.

By focusing on direct deliveries from restaurants, Zomato aims to enhance the overall dining experience for its users.

With this strategic shift company expecting improvement in customer satisfaction along with loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

Another key aspect of the ‘Legends’ service improved operational efficiency.

By simplifying the delivery process, Zomato can better manage logistics and ensure timely deliveries.

This decision will not help only to customers but it will also help Zomato in optimizing resources.

Market Adaptation

Zomato’s decision to discontinue ‘Xtreme’ and relaunch ‘Legends’ showcases its ability to adapt to market demands.

The company has demonstrated a willingness to pivot and refine its services based on customer feedback and operational challenges.

This strategic decision will leave a important impact on competitive food delivery market in India.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Zomato’s focus on the ‘Legends’ service positions it well for future growth.

By prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction, Zomato can strengthen its brand and expand its market share.

The company’s ability to adapt and innovate will be key to its continued success.

News Summary

In summary, Zomato move to ends the ‘Xtreme’ delivery service and relaunch ‘Legends’ highlights its commitment to delivering high-quality food and ensuring customer satisfaction.

By focusing on direct deliveries from restaurants, Zomato aims to provide a better dining experience and improve operational efficiency.

This strategic shift reflects the company’s adaptability and customer-centric approach, positioning it for future growth and success in the competitive food delivery market.

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