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Suzuki Next Bharat Ventures Unveils INR 340 Cr Fund for Startups

5 July, 20242 min read

Recently Suzuki Next Bharat Ventures take a decision and announced a significant investment fund of INR 340 Cr.

This strategic move shows the commitment of Suzuki toward entrepreneurial growth in India.


The fund set to create a substantial impact by focusing on key areas like agriculture, financial inclusion and rural mobility.

Focus Areas of Investment

Suzuki Next Bharat Ventures wants to empower multiple areas or sectors through this funding. Some areas entrepreneurship in India some of these areas or sectors listed below:

  1. Agriculture: By investing in innovative agricultural startups, the fund seeks to enhance productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sector. This will help farmers adopt modern techniques and technologies, ultimately leading to improved crop yields and profitability.
  2. Financial Inclusion: Startups working on financial inclusion will receive support to develop solutions that provide financial services to the underserved rural population. This will include initiatives like microfinance, digital banking, and financial literacy programs.
  3. Rural Supply Chain: Improving the rural supply chain is another focus area. Startups that can streamline logistics and distribution channels in rural areas will be key beneficiaries. This will help reduce wastage, improve product availability, and ensure fair pricing for rural consumers.
  4. Rural Mobility: Enhancing rural mobility is crucial for connecting remote areas with urban markets. The fund will support startups that develop efficient and affordable transportation solutions, facilitating easier movement of goods and people.

The Residency Program

As a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Next Bharat Ventures is not just offering financial support. But also providing comprehensive mentorship.

Suzuki Next Bharat Ventures launched a program of four-month for early-stage entrepreneurs.

This residency will include workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one mentorship to help startups refine their business models, develop strategies, and scale their operations.

Equity Investments Post-Residency

All those startups will get funding (between INR 1 Cr to INR 5 Cr.) who will select in the post the residency program

This investment will provide them with the necessary capital to implement their business plans, expand their operations, and achieve their growth objectives.


The financial support, coupled with the mentorship, will equip these startups to make a substantial impact in their respective sectors.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Suzuki Next Bharat Ventures INR 340 Cr fund is poised to be a game-changer for social impact startups in India.

By focusing on agriculture, financial inclusion, rural supply chain, and rural mobility, the initiative aims to address some of the most pressing challenges in rural India.

The combination of financial support and a structured residency program ensures that startups are well-equipped to create sustainable and scalable solutions.

This initiative of Suzuki underscores importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in India.

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