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Let’s Try Secured Funding from Wipro Consumer Care for Growth

5 July, 20243 min read

Recently, the Delhi NCR-based snack brand, Let’s Try, has secured a new round of funding, catching the attention of industry watchers.

This investment comes from Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures, a well-known name in consumer products, with participation from existing investor 100Unicorns.


Wipro's Strategic Investment

Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures has picked up a minority stake in Let’s Try, a dynamic and fast-growing snack brand.

This investment help Wipro to increase the number of its investment to 12 and 2nd in food sector.

The undisclosed amount of fresh capital will significantly boost Let's Try’s market presence and product reach.

Let’s Try: A Rising Star in the Snack Market

Let’s Try, based in Delhi NCR, is rapidly establishing itself as a significant player in the snack industry.

The brand boasts an annualized revenue run rate of over INR 50 Cr, demonstrating its robust growth and consumer acceptance.

With the new funding, Let’s Try plans to further expand its market presence, introducing more innovative and exciting snack options to a broader audience.

Investment Impact and Future Plans

This strategic investment by Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures highlights the growing interest in the snack food sector.


For Let’s Try, this capital infusion means accelerated growth, enhanced product development, and broader distribution channels.

It also aligns with Wipro’s strategy of diversifying its investment portfolio and tapping into the fast-growing food sector. Wipro’s venture arm is not stopping here.

The firm plans to make 1-2 more investments this year, signaling a proactive approach to identifying and nurturing high-potential brands in the consumer goods space.

Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures’ Investment Strategy

Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures has a clear strategy: to identify and invest in promising consumer brands that have the potential for substantial growth.

With 12 investments to date, the firm is building a diverse portfolio, reflecting its commitment to supporting innovative and scalable business models.

The investment in Let’s Try is part of this broader strategy, focusing on high-growth sectors like food and beverages.

Growth and Expansion Plans for Let’s Try

Let's Try is ready to boost its growth to new levels with the capital it received from Wipro.

The brand aims to expand its product line, enhance marketing efforts, and strengthen its distribution network.

This growth strategy is designed to increase its market share and establish a stronger presence in the market.

The Role of Existing Investors

The participation of 100Unicorns, an existing investor, in this funding round underscores the confidence and trust in Let’s Try’s business model and growth prospects.

Existed investors of Let's Try still continuously supporting it and helping it in achieving long-term success.

Author Opinion

In summary, Recently Let’s Try secured a funding from Wipro Consumer Care - Ventures which is a testament to the brand’s potential.

It underscores the dynamic nature of the snack food market. With fresh capital and strategic support, Let’s Try is well-positioned to become a leading name in the industry.

This investment also reflects Wipro’s strategic vision of identifying and nurturing high-potential consumer brands, further solidifying its presence in the food sector.

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